International Conference on Distracted Driving
Toronto, Canada
March 1st, 2012

Presentations Now Online

Webcast Video Footage Now Online


Participation in the Driven to Distraction conference far exceeded expectations, with more than 150 in-person attendees and 100 online viewers representing 5 countries. The high level of attendance demonstrates the growing interest in this topic across disciplines and is a testament to the quality of presenters who gave their time and shared their expertise for this event.

The contributions of our diverse presenters enabled us to achieve the goals of this conference – to bring together international and domestic experts to discuss the latest thinking about distracted driving and examine opportunities to drive changes in social norms and societal perspectives on cell phones and the range of other distractions that pose risks on our roads. This one-day event highlighted current research initiatives from around the world regarding a broad range of distractions, explored lessons learned from legislation and enforcement, and shared experiences drawn from private, public and community approaches to increase awareness and change behaviours.

There were a number of important lessons learned and outcomes associated with this event that will inform efforts to address the problem in the future.

A short set of proceedings for this event is also being produced and will be posted on the website once complete.

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